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The humble beginnings of Cheung Lee Corporation date back 15 years ago when Mr. David Lam, a Hongkong Chinese businessman, took a leap of faith in searching for a greener pasteur in Davao, Philippines. Fueled by his innate passion for business and vision of helping the Filipino community by providing employment opportunities, Mr. Lam established Cheung Lee Corporation and transformed it into a promising and trusted brand in the pellet and pipe manufacturing industries in the Philippines.

Prior to its venture into pipe manufacturing, Cheung Lee embarked on plastic pellet production. Pellets are primarily used for plastic production which is deemed a massive industry especially in the Philippines, where the use of plastic is prevalent. After a few years, these pellets propelled the immense growth and stability of Cheung Lee which eventually diversified into  Polyetheylene (PE) Pipes production. From an initial 10 employees to over 200 strong workforce, Cheung Lee has exponentially grown as a solid brand.

Currently specializing in Polyethylene (PE) Pipes, Cheung Lee has earned the Philippines Standard Quality Certification Mark, making it one of the country’s leading manufacturers of Polyetheylene (PE) Pipes for Potable Water Supply.

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