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GoodLuck aspires to inspire Filipinos to choose the right products of quality and value. With the massive proliferation and easy accessibility of thousands of plastic products in the market, it is our sincere desire to provide long-lasting, versatile and value-for-money plastic ware that can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

GoodLuck positions to be a plastic brand with a heart, conscious of the need of consumers for improved living standards and comfortable lifestyle.

In a short span of time, from our humble manufacturing facility in Davao City, we have diversified our expansive range of innovative products to meet the dynamic demands of the times. Over the years, we have launched products that are multi-use, practical and durable which could reduce the frequency of replacements due to the poor design and quality of most brands. Our roster includes multi-functional cabinets, drawers, organizer, storage boxes, chairs and pots, to name a few.

Notably, our line of Water Jugs is made with food-safe raw materials certified by the FDA(USA) and CE(European Union). This milestone is only the beginning of our continued efforts to innovate and create world-class products. With this in mind, GoodLuck aims to go beyond our current comfort zone and become an international brand anchored on our core values and social responsibilities.

Each GoodLuck product you take home, has a piece of our heart . May we be able to bring you not only GoodLuck but all the best of luck as well.



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