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MILLION / 2018 - 2023 /  SINGAPORE 

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With five decades of exceptional track record in the lighting industry, Million has leveraged on the massive networks and competent team of experts we have established to take a step into renewable energy. 

As one of Singapore’s advocacies on sustainability, the promising solar energy industry has inspired us to take part in the looming energy revolution. After years of preparation and planning, Million has launched Million Solar - positioned to become a valuable player in the solar power industry, helping to redefining the solar landscape in Singapore and beyond.


We Design, Engineer, Procure & Construct solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for our clients and we take pride in delivering high quality, high performing systems that ensures our clients get great returns on investment and reliable, sustainable renewable energy.


Everyone at Million Solar is committed to making a green difference and help provide clean and sustainable energy for future generations.

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