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Pot Mama Davao is not your run-of-the-mill plant shop selling just any plants in pots. PotMama curates ethically farmed flora from handpicked sources around the region, making them accessible to enthusiasts and hobbyists who find joy in nurturing the gift of nature.

Despite the bandwagon of growing plants amidst the pandemic, Pot Mama aims to provide a more in-depth understanding of plants not only for aesthetics but also for sustainability, not only for the time-being but also in the long-run.

For Pot Mama, this is not a mere fad, this is passion.

What started out in a make-shift pop-up store in Pot Mama’s garage, this homegrown start-up has grown into a household go-to brand for plant collectors. With the continued support after months of online selling via social media, Pot Mama has finally scaled up her expansive collection of rare finds in her garden.

With her premium collectibles and finest selection of plants and accessories, Pot Mama elevates horticulture experience to new heights and redefines your passion for plants. She lets you nurture the gift of nature from her garden to your doorsteps.

PotMama is helmed by Pot Mama herself, Joanne Espinosa who is a avid plant collector and expert.

Enjoy the Pot Mama experience!

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