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Dear Shoppers,

Thank you for your continuous support to The Shopper Mum.  This humble online shop came about when I made the decision to share my passion for shopping with my fellow Filipinos who deserve nothing but the best branded goods, within reach.  They maybe be half across the globe, but I wish to bring the US to them through fashion.

As a nurse by profession, being away from my family has been challenging.  For me to able to deviate my attention from feeling the loneliness of working to being productive, I started shopping for clothing and apparel from premium outlets across different states on my rest days.  After a while, I've realized that this hobby can be feasible and lucrative business idea. Having seen a surge of online shops in the Philippines, I may be able to tap into new market segments through product differentiation and customer service.

Right away, I put everything together with the help of my creative team and then The Shopper Mum was born in an instant.  This shop is not dedicated only for moms but for everyone who loves shopping for themselves and for their loved ones.  We try our very best to curate fashion finds for all ages, genders and tastes.  We also provide personal shopping services for those who has a specific design in mind but can't seem to find it anywhere else.

We aim to be affordable for everyone to enjoy the brands that only the well-off usually can afford to acquire.  We also wish to cater to a wider customer base and create a community of shoppers nationwide. Feel free to browse through our massive collection.  If you couldn't find what you fancy, please drop us a line to two.

Happy Shopping!


The Shopper Mum

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